We always say, “If you’re the type of person who would buy us a drink at the bar, why not donate the cost of a pint to our cause?”

We know we have many many visitors to our site and it only takes a minute to donate to our cause.

We are not a charity so we choose to raise money for our local Cash4Kids charity. Many of our team have worked for or alongside Cash4Kids over the years and are so passionate about what they do to help local children.

We believe the challenge of tackling knife crime starts with young people. Our fundraising efforts with Cash4Kids go DIRECTLY to initiatives in our local community which are aiming to eradicate the awful culture of knife crime.

If you’re a parent, a grandparent or someone like us who is terrified of this modern day knife crime epidemic, please help our marathon fundraising by visiting

London Marathon 2020

We have a team target of £8,000 for the 2020 London Marathon. Can you spare any change to help us hit our target? Donate now.