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We’re doing the London Marathon!

We are In Memory of Colin McGinty and we are much more than a team of people who run wearing the face of a lost loved one on our running tops.

We are a movement, a community, a collective and one loud united voice that stand against knife crime and it’s deeper, lasting impact.

We lost our funny, handsome and ambitious brother, son and friend Colin McGinty in 2001.

He was 21 with his whole life ahead of him. In March 2001, Colin became a victim of knife crime in a case of mistaken identity and was stabbed 15 times. He survived for a few hours while surgeons battled to save him. He was held by his broken and devastated parents as he was wheeled down for emergency surgery, but Colin like many others didn’t make it once that knife pierced his precious skin.

Our running team started out as a way to honour what would’ve been Colin’s 40th birthday year. We grew from 4 people to over 100 members who all run wearing Colin’s trapped forever in time photo and they all stand together on knife crime.

It is needless.

It is senseless.

There is no place for it in our society.

Our amazing group of people all come together to run,
socialise and help our cause. Some run, some spectate. Many of our team didn’t
know Colin personally, but were inspired by our efforts and message so joined
our big family anyway. Everyone is so passionate about our #knowknifecrime #nomoreknives #colinslegacy message and keen to help educate our community.

It’s not just talking about the devastating and often fatal consequences of knife crime. What happens after the funeral and the court case and the fact that it’s no longer a pressing headline news story?

What happens is that family and friends STILL feel the impact all these years later.

Grief has no time limit and the pain of having your family ripped apart never leaves you.

The impact of knife crime cuts much deeper than a fatal wound. It ripples and tears apart families, friendship groups and communities.

Colin’s siblings Laura and Rob, brother in law Terry and best friend Colin McLean are taking on the ultimate running challenge. They have committed to raising 8k for Cash for Kids and are taking part in the London Marathon in April 2020.This is a huge task for all of them given how they have never taken part in a full marathon before. Laura is still in disbelief and has never classed herself as a ‘runner!’

Our team need your support more than ever, not only do we need to keep raising awareness of this knife crime epidemic that we find ourselves in. We need to continue to spread our messages and equally we need to raise these vital funds so that Cash for Kids can distribute them across local youth community groups to help eradicate serious crime including knife crime!

If we can spare just one other family the pain and living nightmare of losing an adored son, brother, grandson, cousin and friend to knife crime, then our efforts are worth it.

To donate to our London Marathon fundraising fund please click here:

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