The Dublin Rock n Roll Half Marathon

We thought we’d make a fun video! Because even though we are serious in our approach to shouting about the impact of knife crime, we also have a LOT of fun too!

On the weekend of 11th August, 22 of us headed across to the Emerald Isle to take part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon.

This was a few days ahead of what would’ve been Colin’s 40th birthday. It would’ve been easy to be sombre and sad, but seeing as Colin was ALWAYS the life and soul of the party we decided Dublin on his pre-birthday weekend was a perfect tribute.

We had some new runners on the team who joined us and we had a lot of laughs. From the minibus trips that felt like a stand up comedy gig in a bus, to the race, to the Irish breakfasts en masse it was a laugh a minute.

We raised far too many glasses to Colin around the Temple Bar later that night and came home with heads held high despite those massive medals weighing our necks down.

Laura got that PB she’d been after. Tezza tore his calf. Shaun ran last minute in his fashion trainers and Jenny looked possessed as she knocked everyone out the way and sprint finished in style.

A truly wonderful, uplifting and fun experience. We have already booked to do the Barcelon half next Feb and go away as a group again.

If you’re a runner or if you’ve never ran a mile in your life we welcome ALL to our In Memory of Colin McGinty team.

We arrange training runs, social events and have a lively Whatsapp group that keeps eveyone laughing and inspired.

Maybe you’re a parent or a teacher who is worried about knife crime and your children?

Maybe you’re a professional in the emergency services, medical, forces or Police who sees knife crime on the rise and wants to do something but doesn’t know what.

Or maybe you are just sick to the back teeth of reading these headlines of senseless knife crime and you want to do something positive to help.

Every social media message you share, every conversation you have… it all makes a difference to spread the #KnowKnifeCrime #Inmemoryofcolinmcginty #colinslegacy #nomoreknives messages.

Want to join our team? Get in touch!

About Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray is a proud volunteer helping the In memory of Colin McGinty team with her marketing and PR knowledge to spread the #kNOwKnifeCrime message. You'll find Gemma writing our content, replying to Laura's 74 daily WhatsApp messages or running alongside our team with camera in hand.

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